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For Use in Kart Racing

There are three routes to obtaining Snell certification to K2015. The first two apply to helmet models already in Snell programs: helmet makers may request K2015 Certification for models currently certified either to M2015 or to SA2015. If they wish, helmet makers may propose slight changes for the K2015 versions of previous models. For example, slight reductions in the visual field of models currently certified to M2015 may be acceptable so long as the narrower visual field requirements of SA2015 are still satisfied. Similarly, substitutions of more economical lining materials and edge beading and the like may be acceptable for current SA2015 configurations. However, helmet makers must request the Foundation's express, written consent for all such changes. In almost every case, a precise description of the changes and a sample helmet demonstrating them will be necessary.

The third route applies to models which will not be submitted for M2015 or SA2015 and for which only K2015 certification is sought. These will be tested to all the requirements set forth in the 2015 Standard for Protective Headgear For Use with Motorcycles and Other Motorized Vehicles (M2015) excepting only the visual field requirements in Testing, Section D. The K2015 visual field requirements are instead those in Testing, Section D of the 2015 Standard for Protective Headgear For Use In Competitive Automotive Sports (SA2015).