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Notice to Helmet Users

The Snell Memorial Foundation has identified helmets that remain available in the North American, South American, Australian, and European markets with Snell certification labels that were originally certified to the Snell SA2005 standard but were subsequently decertified.

The helmet model S-2K, manufactured by Shengchao Helmet Co., Ltd. obtained Snell SA2005 certification in July of 2006. Model S-2K helmets manufactured in August 2008 failed random sample testing . Shengchao Helmet Co., Ltd. was instructed to immediately discontinue production of this helmet model. The Foundation decertified the model S-2K and removed it from the SA2005 certification lists on November 19, 2008.

The Foundation has determined that a significant number of these non-compliant helmets with certification labels were improperly released into the market when Shengchao Helmet Co. Ltd. discontinued its operations and closed.

The Snell Foundation recommends that the model S-2K helmet not be used in competitive events where Snell certified helmets are required or under circumstances where protection afforded by Snell certified helmets is desired. These helmets may not provide levels of protection recommended by the Snell Memorial Foundation.