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October 17, 2007

The Quarterly Newsletter of the Snell Memorial Foundation

This is the forty-seventh edition of the Foundation's quarterly newsletters to the helmet manufacturing industry.                            pdf  version 

In This Issue

  1. Snell 2010 Standards Update
  2. Snell 2010 Standards Transition Scheme
  3. Fee Increases
  4. Snell/FIA Childrens Helmet Standard
  5. Head Anthropometry
  6. Testing to FIA 8860 Helmet Standard (from issue 46)
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Snell 2010 Standards Update

The final draft of the Foundation�s M2010 is available for review. The standard and an explanatory cover document are posted on the Foundation�s web site. The standard should be available in booklet form shortly. 

The first drafts of M2010 were sent out last February 1 and a second draft went out July 31. Those who have not reviewed these earlier drafts may be in for some surprises. Since the Foundation proposes to introduce the M2010 program a year early, please review this standard as soon as possible.

Snell SA2010 and K2010 will follow much the same provisions so all who are interested in these standards are urged to review the M2010 Standard to anticipate the changes in store.

Go to Final Draft M2010 Standard  in pdf

Snell 2010 Standards Transition Scheme

The transition from the 2005 standards to M, SA and K 2010 will be more difficult than in previous standards revisions. In general, certification to the new standard will not assure that the same model also meets the requirements of the previous standard. Furthermore, many of the 2005 certified models will require extensive modification to meet Snell 2010 standards. For these reasons, the Foundation proposes a longer transition period. M2010, SA2010 and K2010 will begin a year early. The first units may be offered for sale as early as October 1, 2009. And M2005, SA2005 and K2005 will continue for a year longer than usual. Manufacturers will not be required to stop production of these helmets until March 31, 2012.

2010 Introduction

Certification Testing starts             03/01/2008

2010 Labels Available                  07/01/2009

First 2010 Helmets Available        10/01/2009

2005 Termination

Certification Testing ends             06/30/2011

2005 Labels last available            06/30/2011

2005 Production ends                 03/31/2012

The changes proposed for Snell 2010 standards are in response to recent anthropometric measurements of the human head. Although the new requirements are expected to force a redesign of current headgear, particularly in the smaller sizes, Snell M2010 helmets may also be able to meet the European demands in ECE 22-05. For the first time in many years, manufacturers may be able to build the same helmets for distribution throughout Europe and North America. The newest M2010 draft has been posted on the Snell web site: M2010 changes

Fee Increases

The fees for testing and for M, SA and K certification labels will increase as of the new year, January 1, 2008.


    M2005 Certification Test $1040.00
    SA2005/K2005 Certification Test $1260.00
    B-90A&C B-95A&C ,N-94 Certification Test $830.00
    E2001, S-98, RS-98 Certification $910.00
    Random Sample Test $135.00
    Prototype Test $240.00
    Random Sample Follow up Test $275.00

Certification Labels

Snell/FIA Children’s Helmet Standard

The joint Snell/FIA standard for children’s motor sports helmets is in its final form. A copy is posted on the Snell web site CMS/CMR2007 and should be available in booklet form soon.

The standard will be released in two versions, CMS2007 and CMR2007.  The R and S signify differences only in field of view, S for standard 105 degree peripheral vision requirement suitable for most motorcycle and motorsport applications, and R for restricted 90 degree peripheral vision requirement suitable for other specialized competitive autosports applications.    

The Foundation will administer the certification program for the Snell/FIA2007 children's helmet standards will be similar to current Snell certification programs and will include an Random Testing enforcement component. For certification testing for only the CMS/CMR2007 (children's motorsports helmet standards,) manufacturers may either submit helmets to the Snell laboratory in California or arrange for testing at Newton S.r.l. in Italy.

Contact information for Newton:

Newton S.r.l.
via G. di Vittorio
2/D 20017 Mazzo di Rho(MI), ITALY
 Phone: +39 02 93906088,
Fax:+39 02 93906075

Testing services will be available at both locations by November 1, 2007.

Children's Helmet Standard Decals


 Head Anthropometry

Dr, Randal P. Ching of the University of Washington has written a technical brief detailing the results of his study of the physical parameters of the human head. These parameters are of particular interest in helmet testing since the mass of the head bears directly on how it will load the helmet during impact and how the helmet will transmit shock to the head.


Dr. Ching’s findings bear strongly on the changes incorporated in Snell M2010. His technical brief is posted on the Snell web site.

Testing to FIA 8860 Helmet Standard

The Foundation now has all the capability to test to the FIA 8860 and FIA 8858 (Super Helmet) standards. These FIA standards apply to Formula 1 helmets and to HANS® tether hardware. The Snell lab expects to receive FIA authorization to test to these standards shortly.

Your Comments and Suggestions

If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about any aspect of the Snell programs or services, please contact Ed Becker


Who to Contact at Snell

Snell Memorial Foundation, Inc.
3628 Madison Avenue, Suite 11
North Highlands, CA 95660
Phone: 1-888-SNELL99 (1-888-763-5599) or 916-331-5073
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Editor: Hong Zhang, Director of Education

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